Government Patent

Cranes picking up 727

Hilside representation

One Acre Required

Sea Wall Configuration

Hiltop Configuration

Rig to drill footer

Footer Drilling

Bottom drilling cassion hole

Top of the footer

Bolt Ring for footer


Over water caisson structure

Lake Configuration

Bearing - enables rotation

Wing Removal

Burnet Newspaper Article

Flat Land Configuration



Stripped Interior

Jacuzzi Option

Living Room

Living Room

Use of the wing as a deck

Multi-Port Swivel

Multi-Port Swivel

Route all utilities through the swivel

One interior design example

Spot-On Magazine

Magazine Article

Example Stair Configuration

Deck Railing

Fitting panels

Cutting Panels

Cutting Panels

Sidewall Panel Painting

Sidewall Panels Curing

Wing Removal

Wing Removal

Wing Removal

Wing Removal

Wing and Tail Removal

Interior Inspector

Spiral Stair Cutout

Fitting Panels

Building Walls

Building Rooms

Inspecting Sidewall Work

Interior work

Interior Work

Aft Bathroom

Interior Work Aft Bath

Spiral Stair Hole

Wing readied for shipment

Forward Cabin Floor

Forward Cabin Floor

Floor Complete

Future Captain