Aircraft with Aft Air Stair Access and Basic Interior 


 We are offering a B727-200 aircraft for reuse as a home.  It is our intention to deliver and set the airplane up on a column and bearing arrangement so it weathervanes.  We have tried to define what we consider a “basic” airplane home.  This project has all the complexities of a normal home and we will try to deliver and install it to the buyers needs, within the following limitations.

Deposit:  A $2000 deposit is required to hold an Airplane Home in your name.  Our team will dispatch an Architect and/or General Contractor to your land to survey, inspect and permit the site for installation.  Let our experts find out if this project can be done.  If for any reason we are unable to put an Airplane Home on your property we will cheerfully refund your entire deposit.  If you decide for any reason that you do not want to build the Airplane Home, you will forfeit the deposit.

Boeing 727-200 Aircraft Fuselage Includes:

Exterior includes
everything to make the outside look finished including radome, cockpit windows replaced with Lexan, all cabin external doors, all cabin windows, both wings removed and reinstalled at the wing root, includes the center engine inlet.  Both upper and lower rudders and tabs are included to give the vertical stabilizer a complete appearance.  Rudders are secured so they will not move.  Landing gear doors are included and are in the up and closed position to give a streamlined external appearance.  If your home is erected at 4 ft above the ground you will use the air stair doors to enter the home.  If you want your home erected at elevations 5-20 ft we will construct wing stairs for your entrance.  Wing rails will be an available free option.

Interior includes a basic finished interior as shown in the interior photo.  Interior includes a center ceiling air conditioning duct and ceiling panels with fluorescent lights.  A $5,000 budget is allowed for a basic kitchen.  Overhead bins are available on request at no additional charge.  Sidewall panels with window shades are included.  Aircraft is delivered with a $3,000 budget for flooring; we recommend carpet or wood flooring.  We will include one fully functional bathroom using conventional home fixtures.  There is a $3,000 budget for painting the outside of the fuselage to the buyer’s requirements.

A 375,000 lb. capacity bearing is included (empty airplane weighs about 45,000 lbs).  This auction includes the local architect, general contractor and mechanical engineering fees required to complete the project and the work Max Power Aerospace, Inc. has to do coordinating their efforts to complete the project successfully.

The expense of boring a hole for the footer is included.  The bolt ring to be buried and cemented in the footer hole is included.   Also included with the supporting steel column is steel flanges attached to each end.  The steel flanges fasten to the footer bolt ring on the bottom and the inner ring of the bearing on the top.  Crane rental fees to assemble and install the aircraft on the bearing are included.  A heating and air conditioning system are included.  A multi-port swivel is included to pass drinking water, electricity and phone lines up and waste water down.  Max Power makes a “carrier” that connects the aircraft to the outer ring of the bearing and it is included.  A conventional circuit breaker box is included and wiring to accommodate normal electrical requirements.

Does not include:  Any aircraft parts that can be sold back to the aviation industry.  This sale does not include aircraft engines.  Center engine inlet (#2) is included, both pod engines (#1 & #3) are removed and the engine pylons are removed and the pylon areas are covered for a smooth external appearance.  No landing gears or related parts are included.  All the aircraft hydraulic and electric pumps and motors are removed.  The cockpit has the pilot seats removed and all the avionics and instruments removed.  Site preparation is not included in this auction.  The buyer shall be responsible for supplying necessary utilities to the base of the column.  We will take the utilities from the base of the column inside.  The swivel cannot accommodate LP gas and therefore we recommend electrical appliances be used.  This auction does not include any kitchen appliances.

Utilities:  Bidder will provide utilities to the construction site.

Shipping:  We will ship all required parts to the final location.

Options are available over and above the basic model offered in this auction.

Wing Stairs (second set - required for commercial use) $20K installed.
A functioning cockpit can be installed, based on the Microsoft Flight Simulator.   $11K 

Rebate Available:  A $2000 rebate is available for owners that advertise our logo on the Airplane Home Tail.

Owner Financing Available:  To qualified buyers.


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